Gillian Gibson Art & Illustration

9 Stones

9 Stones - Wirren (North), North Sea (East), Aberlemno (South), Schiehallion (West)

Papier-Mache Pulp comprised of paper, flour, water and poppy seeds.

9 Stones is represented by 4 photographs, each one relating to a cardinal point of the compass. A stone from the White Caterthun, an Iron Age fort to the north of Brechin, was borrowed and cast to then make 9 papier-mache stones. On 6 April 2009 these stones were placed into the land at the White Caterthun. Two were situated at each cardinal point and one in the Well. The idea behind this relates to the disappearance - both natural decay and human destruction - of ancient ruins with the act of giving back "stones" acknowledging this disappearance, which is further symbolised by the addition of poppy seeds, a symbol of death. Poppies are also a symbol of sleep, and therefore a comment on the survival of these ruins, whatever their state, after thousands of years.

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